When it comes to the future of the video game industry, Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console could be the biggest gamble in gaming history

Nintendo is releasing a console called the Wii U in late 2017, and it’s shaping up to be a huge gamble.

This console has been on the market for almost three years now, and with the release of the Wii Play Console, the company is set to take its biggest gamble yet.

The console will have an incredibly powerful gaming engine that’s capable of delivering more than four times the processing power of the current Wii U. It will also have a gamepad that can control up to eight players, and Nintendo is already working on a new motion control feature for the console.

While this console could help Nintendo get back into the game, it will also come at a price.

The price tag for the WiiU is currently set at $499.

The console will be available for $349 at launch, but this is only the beginning of the price hike.

The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo TV, and the Wii are all set to be priced higher, so it could take a while for these prices to drop as well.

The Wii U will also be a new platform for Nintendo to compete with.

The Wii was the first video game console to have a physical home button, which meant it was able to run many games and applications at once, which was extremely helpful for people who wanted to play games without having to go through the motions.

However, with the advent of the Switch, it’s possible that the Wii could be replaced with a much more convenient way to play video games.

Nintendo is planning to use the Switch’s new motion controls to give players more control over the game experience.

If the Wii and Switch aren’t enough to convince you to buy the new console, then look no further than Sony’s PlayStation 4.

The PS4 has also been on sale for a while, and has seen a massive price increase from its original price of $399.

If you’re interested in buying the PS4, the price could be a bit steep.