What are the best places to eat in Dallas?

The answer to that question, if you are wondering, is pretty straightforward.

But there are some places you should be aware of, particularly if you plan on visiting Dallas, especially during the summer months, as Dallas has one of the most intense heat waves in the nation.

These places will be hot and the weather will get you sick.

There are restaurants, bars and other establishments that will cater to you.

If you want a snack, the best place to eat is the corner of Westheimer and Arlington.

The city of Dallas has a reputation as one of, if not the, hottest cities in the country.

Here are a few spots to try before heading out to Dallas: 1.

Pizzeria Calabasas 2.

Chorizo at Chorzo’s 3.

The Pizzas on the Prairie 4.

The Biggest Pizza in Texas 5.

The Texas BBQ at The Big Redwoods 6.

Pajama Hut at Chateau Pajamas 7.

Poutine at the Pizzato Factory 8.

The Pizza Bar at the Pizza Hut 9.

Pies at The Pizza Shop 10.

Desserts at The Blue Bottle 11.

Dining at The Old Fashioned 12.

A Burger at Chipotle 13.

A Cucumber Pie at Chipo’s 14.

A Cheese Sandwich at the Blue Bottle 15.

A Chicken Sandwich at Chipotles 15.

a Cucumbers Pie at The Green Spot 16.

A Pizza at Chipuas Restaurant 17.

A BBQ Pork Loin Sandwich at The Texas Bowl 18.

A Potato Pie at the Green Spot 19.

A Steak Sandwich at Red Lobster 20.

A French Onion Soup at The Original 24-hour Pizza Night at The Steakhouse 23.

A Meatball Sub at The Riddler 24.

A Grilled Chicken Sandwich with BBQ Sauce at The Dixie Grill 25.

A Bacon Pulled Chicken Sandwich in the French Onion Sauce at Dixie Diner 26.

A Sandwich at Cheeseburger 27.

A Barbecue Sub at Blue Dog 28.

A Baja Chicken Sandwich and Fries at Texas BBQ 29.

A Pork Steak Sub at Big Ed 30.

A Beef Sub at the Burger Palace 31.

A Crab Sub at Pizzo’s 32.

A Fries Sub at Denny’s 33.

A Hamburger Sub at El Taco 34.

A Fish Sub at Red Dog 35.

A Cheesecake Sub at Bistro 24 36.

A Vegetable Sub at Panera Bread 37.

A Fried Chicken Sub at Burger King 38.

A Salad Sub at KFC 39.

A Roasted Chicken Sub with Caesar Salad 40.

A Sausage Sub at Little Caesar’s 41.

A Corn Sub at Wendy’s 42.

A Turkey Sub at McDonald’s 43.

A Sandwiches Sub at Pizza Hut 44.

A Wrap at Burger Kings 45.

A Dessert Sub at Starbucks 46.

A Breakfast Sub at Applebee’s 47.

A Muffin Sub at Dunkin Donuts 48.

A Egg Roll Sub at Chick-fil-A 49.

A Chocolate Chip Cookie Sub at Dairy Queen 50.

A Pudding Sub at Popeyes 51.

A Popcorn Sub at Taco Bell 52.

A Banana Sub at Tasty Burger 53.

A Crunchy Protein Sub at Domino’s 54.

A Fruit Sub at Cinnabon 55.

A Mocha Sub at Subway 56.

A Nutella Shake at McDonalds 57.

A Big Gulp at McDonald King 58.

A Double Mac at Burger Shop 59.

A Hot Dog Sub at Shake Shack 60.

A Mac & Cheese Sub at Jack in the Box 61.

A Cookie Dough Sub at Qdoba 62.

A Shake Shack Sub at Five Guys 63.

A Taco Bell Sub at Chip ‘n Dale 64.

A Doritos Sub at Papa John’s 65.

A Soft Pretzel Sub at Sonic 66.

A Coke Zero Sub at Hard Rock Cafe 67.

A Diet Coke Zero with Milk Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream 68.

A Hard Candy Sub at Coke Free 69.

A Pepsi Zero with Fruit Drink 70.

A Root Beer Float with Fruit 72.

A Sprite Zero with Apple Juice or Fruit Juice 73.

A Tootsie Pop Zero with Cherry or Strawberry Juice 74.

A Vanilla Bean Max Max Mini Max Mini 75.

A Mini Vanilla Icecream Mini-Mix 76.

A Frosted Mini Pop with Sugar Milk or Strawberry Flavor 77.

A Frozen Tootsy Pop with Cherry Flavor 78.

A Sweet-and-Sour Mini Pop 79.

A Strawberry Pop 80.

A Coconut Pop 81.

A Peanut Butter Pop 82.

A Pineapple Pop 83.

A Peach Pop 84.

A Ice Cream Sandwich 85.

A Cool Whip with Fruit Flavor 86.

A Caramel Banana Shake 87.

A Marshmallow Shake 88.

A Raspberry Shake 89.

A Lemonade Shake 90.

A Blueberry Shake 91.

A Tea Tea Shake 92.

A Apple Pie Shake 93.

A Orange Juice Shake 94.

A Lime Juice Shake 95.

A Gingerbread Shake 96.