‘Sanskrit, English, Hindi’ will soon be a ‘language of the world’: Book title, ‘Saga of the Gods’ to be translated into Sanskrit, English and Hindi. title The Sanskrit, the English and the Hindi of the gods, is to be the language of the entire world.

The Hindu , which has been reporting on the possibility of Sanskrit becoming a language of India, has reported that the book “Saga Of The Gods” is in the process of being translated into three languages: Sanskrit, Hindi and English.

Saga is a book about gods, according to the author, by former English professor of Sanskrit and Hindi, S. S. Ramanujan, in which he describes the history of gods, their worship, their life and death.

The book is published by Penguin India and is expected to be published in the next few months.

Sanskri, a Sanskrit word meaning “god” or “saviour” is the language used in ancient India.

It is derived from the Sanskrit word “sankhra”, which means “gods”.

The book, according the book’s publisher, Penguin India, is a collection of the stories of gods and goddesses.

“It contains stories from thousands of years of human tradition and is the first book written in Sanskrit,” the publisher said.

The publisher added that the translation is being done by the publisher in cooperation with the Sanskrit University of India.

“This is an extremely exciting project.

It would be a natural fit to explore the potential of Sanskrit for this important topic.

We believe this would help us to understand how the language is changing and how its use in everyday life is evolving,” the book publisher added.