New photo: Hillary Clinton’s campaign rally, ‘I am with you’

NEW YORK — Hillary Clinton supporters rallied Thursday night at her campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, hoping for a second chance to turn the campaign around after a disappointing first two weeks.

The rally was a showcase for the former secretary of state’s message and strategy, and a reminder of how much voters are still waiting to hear from her, as the party tries to rebuild its base.

A new poll from Public Policy Polling showed Clinton leading Donald Trump by four points in a hypothetical general election matchup.

“I am the only candidate that has a chance of getting people to the polls, to get them to get out and vote,” said Chris Tiedemann, a 64-year-old registered nurse who is a Clinton supporter.

“We are going to win.”

The rally at her Brooklyn headquarters was a first for a campaign that has been working to build a new brand on a more populist, populist message.

At the start of the campaign, Clinton seemed to be stuck on her old stump speeches and message.

She talked about the need to bring jobs back and build a wall along the southern border.

She promised a jobs-first agenda for the middle class and promised to create millions of new jobs.

She did not address her email scandal, which has dogged her campaign.

Trump has tried to paint Clinton as a liar and a hypocrite who lied about her emails.

She has accused him of lying about her health and said he does not deserve the nomination.

She said the Democratic primary is over.

“If we win, I think we can turn this thing around and be better,” Clinton said.

“It will be easier to win than it is to lose, but I think the Democrats are looking at a very serious possibility that the Republicans could be the party of change.”

Clinton said she is not interested in a third-party bid, but said the party should consider a third party if she wins the nomination and the presidency.

She also said the stakes are high for Democrats if Trump does not win the nomination, which he is expected to do on Tuesday.

Clinton’s rally comes just days after the former first lady, a former first daughter, and former first couple of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, gave speeches to support the Democratic candidate in Brooklyn.

A large crowd of about 500 people packed into the Brooklyn convention center for the rally.

About half of the attendees were supporters of the former First Family, who has been the most prominent figure in her campaign, the most visible faces of the Clinton campaign and one of the most influential people in American politics.

The Clinton campaign said the event was the first of its kind in New York City and that about 100 people had been invited to attend.

The crowd was the largest in the state for a Clinton rally.

The former first ladies speech came just two days after Trump called for a third political party.

“The Democratic Party is in danger of losing,” Trump said during a rally in New Hampshire on Monday night.

“They’ve lost everything they’ve worked for for decades.

The Democrats have lost the White House.

They have lost governorships and the Senate.

They’ve lost the House.

The Senate is in total disarray.”

“They need to do something,” Trump added.

“There’s nobody else out there who has a path to victory.

They need to take over the Senate, take over Congress, take back the House, take control of the Executive Branch and get the job done.

And if I am president, I will do that.”

Trump has said he plans to run for president again.

He has a large delegate lead over Clinton and a majority of delegates in New Jersey, New Mexico and California, according to unofficial results.

Clinton, meanwhile, is in the middle of a big win in the primary in California, which votes June 7.

Trump is leading in delegates by more than 300,000, but he is trailing Clinton in popular vote.

Trump’s delegate lead has shrunk from the roughly 1 million he had in February, when the state was still in Democratic hands.

In California, delegates are allocated based on how many of their states voted in the previous general election.

A win in California would be the biggest upset in a party that has won four consecutive presidential elections.

“In California, I am winning every vote,” Trump told supporters.

“Now, California has a superdelegate system, and they have superdelegates that are Democrats.

And you know what, I don’t care if you are a Republican or a Democrat.

I want to win the California primary.

I will win the whole thing.”

The Clinton rally in Brooklyn was her first campaign event outside New York.

In a sign of the strength of her message, the former president appeared with her and took selfies with her supporters.

Clinton said the election is still too close to call.

“Look at what’s happened.

This is not the time for another distraction, this is the time to start taking the fight to the other side,” Clinton told the crowd.

“But it is so important