‘I just want to hug you’: Man says he wants to hug his dog after he and his dog died

B.C. man Jason Coyle said he’s going to “absolutely love” the dog he lost while caring for a dog with a mental health issue.

Coyle’s dog, Lucky, was shot by a police officer last month, and Coyle has been in and out of hospital.

“I’ve been really depressed for a couple of years and I just want him to get better,” Coyle told CTV News.

“I just need him to be happy and to be healthy and happy and safe.

I don’t know how to do that right now.”

Coyle was not in a position to say how long he’s been caring for Lucky, or what his plans are for the dog.

Lucky’s owner said he didn’t know he had the dog until he was put into a police cruiser on Friday.

Coyle said that’s because he didn�t know the circumstances around the shooting, and he didn t want to say whether he was carrying a firearm or not.

After Lucky was shot, police say Coyle went into the vehicle and shot his own dog, a German shepherd named Dory.

Lucky survived the ordeal and was rushed to a veterinary hospital.

Coyne said he was in a “very fragile state” at the time.

Police say they believe Lucky may have been targeted because he’s a dog that had been involved in an altercation at a bar.

The incident was caught on video and Coyley told Ctv News that he believes Dory may have retaliated against him.

CTVNews.ca reached out to Coyle for comment.

Dory has been with Coyle since January, but his owner says he�s not happy about what happened to his dog.

‘I think he should be safe and happy’: Coyle says he believes Lucky is safe but he wants him to �get better.

Collyon said he�ll be staying at his apartment with Dory and other animals for the time being.

He said he feels lucky that Lucky survived, because he had no other options.

We have two dogs, and I don�t want him in a situation where he’s not going to be able to help people or help animals,” he said.

Lucky is now home with his owner and his new owner, Coyle, said.

Cley is scheduled to go back to court for a pretrial conference to determine his next steps, including whether he wants bail.

If convicted, Coylan would face a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail.