How to watch the first season of the Netflix anime adaptation of the manga

Free images and videos: The Australian TV show “Alaska” has been pulled from Netflix, with producers reportedly withdrawing it because of an alleged plot involving paedophilia.

The announcement was made by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in a statement on Wednesday, after the news broke in the Australian newspaper.

The network said that it had received a “serious” complaint and was investigating the matter.

It was not immediately clear whether the network would take legal action.

The ABC said the network had taken “the necessary steps to terminate the licence of the programme” and that the show’s producers were not yet available for further comment.

A spokeswoman for Netflix told that the company was “disappointed” by the decision.

“Alaska has received a serious complaint from a former member of staff who alleges that it contains explicit and violent content and is therefore unsuitable for the streaming platform,” the spokeswoman said.

“We have taken the necessary steps, including terminating the licence, to terminate this licence.”

Netflix has not confirmed the allegation. 

It has been reported that the programme will be cancelled.

The Australian Broadcasting Authority, a government body, said in a release that the decision had been made on “an individual basis”.

“We take these matters extremely seriously and have acted in accordance with the law,” it said.

A statement from Netflix Australia said that “the decision is the result of a serious allegation of misconduct”.

“It was a matter for the ABC and not for Netflix.

We have a zero tolerance policy for misconduct in our workforce.”ABC/Wires