How to use these images to create your own animated gifs

I love the look of this cartoon, but I’d like to use it for something more serious.

So I have decided to use an image from an ambulance photo.

I’ve used this one as the background, so I can easily animate the image and add my own animations.

For example, I could animate the arrow of the ambulance to turn red.

I can also add an animated arrow of some sort to the side of the road, for a more dramatic effect.

I hope you’ll use these gifs for other things as well!

How to get started: 1.

Install the free Animator app on your iOS device.


Open the Animator, then click the Add button to add a new animation to the existing animation.


Click the Add to Image button to select a video file from your camera roll, and click the Import button to import it.

How to download images: 1 .

Click the Download button to download the video file.

2 .

Download the GIF file you want to use as the image.

3 .

Save it to your computer.