How to spot the best and worst pics from the World Cup at home and abroad

By BOB BROWNAPENAPALOOZA Associated Press – JANUARY 08, 2021The pictures are beautiful, but the ones that do stand out most are the ones where a ball touches the ground.

The ball is a ball, and if it touches the field, the stadium is a stadium.

But what if the ball isn’t actually a ball?

Or maybe the ball is the stadium itself?

The goal is to have a photo that’s both unique and timeless.

And while we’re here to talk about the pictures of soccer from this year’s World Cup, here are a few that caught our eye this week.

A picture of a Brazilian soccer fan at the World Championship.

This picture is taken by a Brazilian fan in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Sept. 10, 2021.

The images are a collection of more than 1,500 pictures taken by thousands of fans in stadiums, cafes, cafes and on the field.

The pictures are taken in every nation on the continent, but it’s the Brazilian fans in Rio that are the most popular.

Brazilians have a way of making their own photo with the use of a camera that’s called the “Zuma” or “Zulu” camera.

That camera has a small camera attached to a tripod.

It’s meant to take pictures of people who are not necessarily soccer fans but they’re still close enough that the camera can capture some of their personalities.

This photo is taken in a cafe in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This is the first of many that will appear on the World’s Most Beautiful Soccer Instagram page.

The photos feature people from across Brazil who are celebrating with their team at a match.

A woman walks by the giant flag that is the official flag of Brazil at the Olympic stadium in Rio de Janerio, Brazil on Aug. 12, 2021, as part of the 2018 World Cup.

The Brazil team defeated Argentina 2-1 in the opening match.

This is a picture taken by fans at a World Cup match in Sao Paolo, Brazil in June, 2021.(Photo: REUTERS/Juan Carlos Llamas)Here’s a photo taken by soccer fans in Sao José de Campo, Brazil during a World Soccer Cup match on July 25, 2021 against Colombia.

This was the first match of the tournament.

The image on the right was taken in Rio on Sept 1, 2021 after the Brazilian players won the World Soccer championship.

This image is taken from a group of Brazilian fans during a match between Sao Paulo FC and Sao Paulo City FC at a stadium in Sao Jose de Campa, Brazil.(Photo by Michael Steele/Associated Press)This is an image of fans at the Brazil World Cup final in Rio in 2018.(Photo via Reuters/Ricardo Moraes)This image of a woman wearing a mask to protect herself during a protest against the World Health Organization (WHO) in Rio, Brazil ahead of the 2022 World Cup.(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)A fan in Brazil holds a soccer ball during the World Football World Cup in Brasilia, Brazil as Brazil host South Korea on May 19, 2021 in this photo taken on May 26, 2021 by FABRICO MARCELLO.

This picture is from Brazil during the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals.(Photo By AFP/Getty Images)This picture was taken by Brazilians during a rally in Rio.

This photo was taken during a street protest during the Confederations Cup in Rio.(Photo from AP)A woman holds a Brazilian flag during a demonstration in Rio against FIFA’s decision to allow soccer to continue in the country.(Photo and photo by AFP)This photo of a fan wearing a masks covering his face during a crowd of thousands against FIFA at a street rally in Sao de Fonseca, Rio de Octubre, Brazil was taken on June 27, 2021(Photo by AP)This was taken at a demonstration against FIFA during the FIFA Confederations World Cup Final in Brazil.(AFP Photo/Nacho Doce)A man holds a banner in front of the Brazilian flag at the Brazilian World Cup game between Brazil and South Korea in Brasil on June 29, 2021 (AFP Photo)This woman walks past a statue of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva during a ceremony in Rio’s Parque Federal District on Aug 28, 2021 as part the World World Cup soccer final.(Photo credit: REUTERS)This statue of Brazilian President Luis Inacio Luiz da Silva is seen during a parade in Rio city on May 22, 2021 before the final between Brazil vs South Korea.

Brazil defeated South Korea 2-0.(AFP PHOTO/ROBERT BAKER)The image below was taken while a group was protesting FIFA in Rio this past weekend.(Photo Credit: Reuters/Eduardo Moran)The picture below was shot by fans on a march in