How to remove a black background from your images on Facebook

Pics and videos with a black border or a dark background are no longer welcome on Facebook.

A new “black background removal” feature has been added to Facebook’s image editor, which was introduced last week.

A few images on the social network, like photos of cats, dogs, and catsuits, now have a black icon.

This means they will not appear in your photo album, or in the feed, and can be deleted.

The feature was created by Facebook’s new “Content Manager,” who is a human, not a robot.

You can now click on the icon, and then select “Remove black background,” which will remove the image from your photos.

It will take you to a screen that shows how to remove it, and you can then click the “delete” button.

Facebook says the change was made to help users who do not want to use the tool.

“It is important for people who want to see more of their content appear in their feeds to choose a default black background on their photo albums,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

Facebook removed the feature from its site on July 1, but it will still appear in the site’s search results if the black icon isn’t removed.

However, the company says it’s now working on an update that will remove these black backgrounds from the feed and feed publishers.

It also announced that a new “content manager” will replace the old one, and that the new “manager” will continue to be a human.

“This change will enable us to better serve the community, while providing a safer environment for content creators,” a spokesperson told TechRadaru.

The “content” option in Facebook’s feed will be the same as what it is currently.

The new “master” option will be available only on pages with more than 2,000 members.

“For users who want the best of Facebook, we have a new master option that will allow you to remove the black background for specific pages,” the spokesperson added.

It’s worth noting that there are still many pages that have black backgrounds in the article and photo feed, including those of the White House, CNN, and even Fox News.

There are a few other sites that have a white background, but those don’t show up on the list of the new black backgrounds.