How to get your picture taken at the Guinness World Records

PICTURE: The picture taken by an RTE photographer is displayed at the National Theatre in Belfast in June 2017.

Picture: Simon Dunne/PA Wire A picture taken in Belfast has been published in the Guinness Book of Records as the world record for the most pictures taken in one day at a record pace of 25,738.

The photo was taken by RTE journalist Simon Dunce in front of the National Gallery on Saturday afternoon and is currently being viewed on YouTube.

It is currently the world’s fastest record for a day.

“The picture was taken on a Saturday afternoon with only about 20 people in the gallery and we were the only photographers in the building,” said Dunce.

He added that it took about 45 minutes to take the photo.

“I didn’t take the pictures in a rush, we just sat in the middle of the gallery, in a quiet area where there wasn’t much traffic,” he said.

RTE photo editor Richard Jones said that it was a very unusual image to have captured.

“It’s a unique day.

It’s something that we haven’t had before,” he explained.

Mr Dunce said that he would not normally do a photograph of an unknown subject.

“But we were in the National gallery, it was the most beautiful day in the world and there were a lot of people, so it was something that was going to go viral.”

He added: “We took the pictures with a very professional camera, we used a lot different lenses and I hope to have a record next year.”

Mr Jones said he was not surprised by the record because he was familiar with the Guinness Record.

“If you take the Guinness book of records you have to do it in a very small place, so the record is really about people going to places they don’t normally go,” he told RTE.

PICTURE UPDATE: The photo is now available for viewing on YouTube: “It was a big event, so we had to bring the camera in and set up a tripod, we didn’t want to have anyone get the picture wrong, and the other photographers kept on saying it was their first time shooting in the Royal Ulster Constabulary building,” he added.

However, Mr Jones said the record did not make it into the Guinness record book.

“The Guinness Book is a huge thing and if we had taken it in the time it took it to be published, it would have gone in the book and I don’t think it would be in the top 20,” he noted.

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