Hindu woman, husband in love again

Hindu woman and her husband in-love are back together after almost three decades.

The two women were married in 1988 after having a son.

They divorced in 2002.

The couple has two children.

The man was a doctor in the state government and was in love with the woman.

“We started getting married and we were separated in 2006.

But when I came to know that I would be leaving my job I started getting into trouble and it was not easy.

I couldn’t leave the house,” said the woman who married him in 2003.

The couple lives in a house built by the state.

“It was a big house.

The wife slept on the floor, the husband slept on his bed.

When the wife got sick, he went to the doctor and the doctor diagnosed him with leukemia.

We moved into the house in 2014 and we started working,” said her husband, who is a doctor.

They are now living happily in the house and are looking forward to getting married.

“I am happy that he will be able to marry his wife, and the child is happy that the father is a better father.

We will have a baby boy and I am hoping that my wife will bear the child.

She is a good woman,” she said.

The woman and husband are not planning to return to their marriage because they have another child in-law.