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The next time you need a good shot of your phone’s screen in low-light, try this article.

Hacker News users are going to love it.

A group of hackers, many of whom are active in the security community, are posting a list of common photo settings that are commonly used by smartphones.

The hacker group posted the list in the comments section of Hacker News, and it’s now been picked up by The Verge.

The hackers who posted the images were also able to find and upload more than 1,000 other devices that are similarly covered.

“The best part of this hack is the fact that it is all about exposing phones in low light,” one of the hackers, who goes by “TinyGeeks,” wrote in the thread.

“This is why most of us have a dedicated phone charger on hand to recharge and keep our phone powered.

If you don’t, this will give you a much better chance of seeing your phone in the dark.”

If you’re interested in this, the hackers who created the list also uploaded the original images of phones covered by the hack.

We’ve embedded the images below: