Christman Palace and a Christmas Day home by the sea

CHRISTMAN PALACE is a quiet seaside suburb of Newcastle that has been on the radar of some of the world’s most renowned architects and was one of the first to be designed by a Japanese firm.

The building, built in 1973 and a decade after Christman opened its doors, was designed by Yoshimitsu Ishikawa.

It was the home of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s headquarters, as well as the headquarters of the Japanese Government.

The property is now the site of a new development which aims to bring life back to the place.

It’s called the Sea-to-Sea Garden, and it’s set to be unveiled next week.

In the early 1990s, when Christman’s iconic building was still standing, its owner, Japanese firm Yoshimitsuke Ishikawa, began exploring new ways to make use of the seaside site.

The land at the foot of the beach had been neglected for years, so it became the site for a new project called Sea-To-Sea Gardens.

The project was a huge undertaking, with a total of 16 islands spread out over 12 hectares.

The idea was to bring the land into the living space and provide a place where people could gather.

The gardens are now being designed to provide the community with the opportunity to spend time in a space which was not only quiet but also open to the sea.

“I think what people in the area really like about this area is the fact that it’s a place for a quiet, secluded beach, where people can relax and just have a good time,” said John Hill, a senior lecturer at the University of Newcastle and a member of the project team.

“We really want to create a place which brings people together.

It brings people out into the sea and has the sea feel.”

The plan is for the garden to be completely open, with no fences or gates.

It will also be able to be used for weddings, picnics, and other social occasions.

“There’s a lot of interest in the concept of the Sea to Sea Garden, which is one of our key objectives,” said Dr Hill.

“It’s really a very different idea to a lot that we’ve done before.”

The garden will also include a beach house which will be able be used as a social gathering spot for people.

“You can get people together and have a chat,” said Mr Hill.

“It’s very much a social experience.

You can really have people come and meet people.”

Dr Hill said the project had received a great deal of interest and that the project would be in the final stages of being built.

“At the moment, there’s nothing planned, but we’ve got a lot more work to do, and we’re hoping to have this garden ready to go in the next couple of months,” he said.

The garden is currently under construction and will be completed by the end of 2020.