Which of these companies is your favorite?

Hacker News, Inc. – Hacker News is an online news site for the world to read and discuss content from a wide variety of sources, such as news, opinion, technology, business, politics, and entertainment.The website is a part of a larger group of sites, known as news publishers, that include […]

The Last Guardian: the first look at Destiny 2

By now you’ve probably seen Destiny 2’s first cinematic trailer, and it’s definitely one of the most impressive in a video game history.This is the most exciting trailer of all time.I’m not sure how much time I’ve spent with this, but if you’ve seen it already, you’ve been spoiled.The trailer […]

Hacker News

The next time you need a good shot of your phone’s screen in low-light, try this article.Hacker News users are going to love it.A group of hackers, many of whom are active in the security community, are posting a list of common photo settings that are commonly used by smartphones.The […]

How to Create a Logo for Your Brand

When you’re designing a logo, it’s important to think about your target audience, and the importance of your design is paramount.You don’t want to be the last person in the room who’s not interested in your brand.The important thing to understand is how your target market wants the logo to […]

How to watch the first season of the Netflix anime adaptation of the manga

Free images and videos:  http://www.newstalkradio.com/radio/podcast/australia-tv-shows-new-scandal-tv/article295586.ece The Australian TV show “Alaska” has been pulled from Netflix, with producers reportedly withdrawing it because of an alleged plot involving paedophilia.The announcement was made by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in a statement on Wednesday, after the news broke in the Australian newspaper.The network said that […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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