Best png picture of the week: The Irish girl who made the world a better place

I had the chance to speak to my best friend, who’s currently in the US on a holiday, about the things she loves and dislikes about her country.

I’m an Irish girl, so I know how hard life is for all of us.

It can be very isolating when you’re trying to make the most of it and you feel like your whole world is going to crumble around you.

But for her, it’s the best part.

The only thing that keeps her going, she says, is the sense of community and belonging that she feels in Ireland.

We’re not isolated.

I feel like I’ve been in Ireland for so long that I feel like there’s a little bit of me there, she said.

The people are friendly, the people are caring.

The language is so different from my mother tongue, she added.

It’s not a language I’m used to.

There’s a lot of English around here, too.

But it’s very close to my mother language, so it’s really hard to get used to it.

I like to hang out with the Irish, she explains, but I’m not always able to do it, because of my English.

She has a lot more friends in the USA than she did here.

I’ve got a really good sense of humour, she explained.

I don’t really care what people think, she continued.

I enjoy travelling around and seeing the world.

I’ve got really good taste in films and TV, so when I’m at home, I enjoy going to the cinema.

But there’s one thing I don�t like about it.

I really like a good old-fashioned Irish-style steak.

I like steak with mashed potatoes, I like a lot.

And I love Irish beer.

That�s one thing where I get very angry about the way the people at the cinema are treated.

I think that they just need to stop treating us like we are disposable, she stressed.

If they want to treat us as disposable, then they should treat us like they treat any other part of our culture.

They should treat our culture like a culture, not a country, she told me.

When it comes to the way we’re treated here in Ireland, we have to have a lot better respect for our culture and our people.

I just think the way they treat us here, it bothers me.

It really does.

I can’t stand it.

And if you do, then you have to do something about it, she concluded.