Air India to launch a new, sleek and lightweight jetliner

Indian air carriers will soon be able to take their customers on long flights from one city to another with a new aircraft that looks sleek and light, and will have a new look that the country’s carriers say they’re happy with.

Air India, the countrys biggest carrier, has been exploring designs that are lighter, more fuel-efficient and more environmentally friendly.

The airline said in January it will start a new low-cost airliner that has an open cockpit, and a new cabin with an open roof.

It will be a low-wing, high-speed jet that will be able take off vertically with the engine off.

The airline has been trying to build its own low-end aircraft for a long time, including a Boeing 787 Dreamliner that went into production in 2013 and an Airbus A320 that was supposed to go into production last year.

Air Canada, which operates flights to the U.S., said last year it is working on a low end low-carbon aircraft that would be powered by a single engine.